whats your price

Whats Your Price - Free Sugar Site for Sugar Babies

When a member sees his desired match, he will place a bid on her like they do at auctions. The party bided on will then choose one out of the all bids received. The sugar baby receives the agreed money during their date. The bidding member will also pay for all the date expenses.

WhatsYourPrice claimed to have helped over 650,000 men and women to link up and go on a date. The Better Business Bureau gave WhatsYourPrice.com an A rating. The company has been featured in the Daily Mail, Forbes, and TIME.

The website has both positive and negative reviews from users. Though the negative review is much more than the good review and the major complaints are too many materialistic women and escorts on the site. Some users also complained about fake profiles put there to swindle others out of their money.


The website has a minimalist layout and design. It is simple and user-friendly. The homepage has four functions which are the search option, your bids, messages, and your favorites.

The homepage also shows members living near you that are presently online. There are no other special features except these. Their aim is for members to land their first date on the free sugar daddy site. That's why their minimal functions are targeted toward bidding on dates and chatting with other members.

How do you sign up?

Registration is free. During signing up, you will type in some basic information. Next up, you will be asked about your gender and purpose on the site. If it is to be paid for dates or to bid on a date.

The next step is to confirm your email to complete your registration

Let's run through how bids are placed on the site.

The first step in this process for non-members is to have a profile and it's nothing complicated. You fill in your profile details and add a profile photo. This step will unlock your messaging feature but you can send any messaging without paying for credits.

If you don't have credits, you can still send winks to get the attention of the desired member. The minimum amount to bid on a date is $5. If there is counterbidding from other sugar daddies interested in the lady, this can push the price really high. There is no limitation on how high a bid can go. A sugar baby herself can also counterbid. That is, she will tell the sugar daddy her preferred amount to go out with him.

It's not only women that want to be get paid for dates some men came to the sites too to be sugar boys. The thing is, it may take quite some time for a man to get a bid, unlike women who frequently get bids.

Benefits of Being a Sugar Daddy

For you to enjoy being a sugar daddy, be ready to have the money to splash on your sugar baby. Her aim is to help you spend your money on her.

A sugar daddy doesn't need to woo most ladies for long. The dough he will be spending on her can be enough enticement to make her agree to a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. He also gets his pick of the most attractive women.

Pros and Cons


  • Allow generous members to date beautiful people they may not be opportune to meet in their day-to-day life.
  • Women get money. As men want to woo them with as much cash as possible to make them go out with them.
  • There is a guarantee that a man will quickly end up with a date as a cash incentive is involved.


  • Be prepared to meet gold diggers. If you want a relationship not based on money, then look beyond this site.
  • Fake profiles to waste your credits.


Anyone from 18+ can join the site for free and there are no subscriptions. But you will have to pay to message other members. The payment method is credit-based and the company does not give refunds.

There is no auto-renewal of payment, this means you manually buy more credits when you have used up the former. The price in USD are:

  • 100 credits = $50
  • 450 credits = $150
  • 1000 credits = $250
  • A verified member receives an extra $50


To women, WhatsYourPrice is a free sugar daddy site. But it can get quite expensive for men.

A man can create a profile, browse and view potential date's photos and profiles and send winks for free. After that, they have to pay for every other thing. He pays the woman to have a date with him and pays to unlock a message from her if she accepted his offer.

Next, he should be prepared to pay for all expenses incurred during the date. Any man who doesn't mind spending this much on a date can give the site a try.