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Tinder com - Rich Tinder Site For Long-term Relationships

This site has an extensive list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that are very effective especially for new members who find navigating the layout or interacting with other members challenging. Also, the sign-up process is pretty straightforward and easy and it only takes a few minutes to complete your profile. Millions of users have joined this site, meaning that new users need not to worry about finding a potential match on this site.

Tinder com can also be used in a mobile application (Millionaire Match: Meet and Date the Rich Elite). The design of this application looks fantastic but you should properly familiarize yourself with the settings and icons to operate it. Besides, the swipe feature in the application is convenient and makes navigating the app's layout easy. You can download this app from Google Play Store and Apple Store for free. The application allows you to connect your account to your socila account to meet rich singles.

The swiping is easy and the layout looks appealing with all its colors, icons, and profile music. However, to fully utilize the application, ensure you familiarize yourself with the icons before you click them.


1. Mobile Friendly

You can use Tinder com on your PC or a smartphone without any restrictions to find your perfect match. It is easy to operate both on the website and your phone.

2. Privacy

The site doesn’t conduct background checks on their members and protect personal data on the site and application.

3. Search Options

The tinder sugar site has an advanced tinder search option that allows millionaires to find local tinder members. However, in the app, it is only possible to see matched profiles as you can’t look for specific members using this application if you have not liked each other’s profiles.

4. Luxuries show

This is a feed of users posting photos of all the luxury belongings they own.

How to protect personal information on tinder sugar site

Privacy and social engineering

Ensure you never share your full name, place of work, or your address in your profile. Besides, don’t link your account to your Facebook, as this makes it super-easy for hackers to connect the social media profile to the online dating profile. Also, don’t link the dating application account to your WhatsApp, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. If you choose to connect your account to an email address, don’t use the main one. Instead, create a discrete email just for the site or application.

Account Security

Use a unique, strong password and the two-factor authentication feature, if it's available. Also, be cautious of anyone sending links, particularly using shortened URLs. Ensure you access the site or application on a secure wireless network. To ensure your dating information is not susceptible to hackers, use a VPN. A VPN develops encryption between you and the app’s server. This way, hackers cannot see your IP address and will not know what you do on Tinder.

Report any suspicious behavior

The site's developers are constantly looking for ways to remove bots, criminals, and fake profiles from their application. Help them by reporting suspicious behaviors. After reporting, the team investigates and removes the account if it violates its terms and conditions. This, in turn, makes you and other users safe. Here are examples of suspicious behaviors you should report:

  • Spam like attempting to sell products or services to members
  • Catfishing
  • Users that act inappropriately during or after the meeting
  • Users that harass
  • Under-aged members
  • Users who constantly ask for pictures
  • Members who ask for a donation or money.

If you come across any of these behaviors, contact the team directly. You can also block them, which makes it impossible for them to contact through the application.

Pros and cons


  • Low investment. This site is for people you want to hookup for free. No subscription costs are incurred and it's also very accessible
  • You start connecting with other members more quickly than other traditional online dating sites
  • Fun to use particularly in social situations with your friends
  • Easy to use
  • The registration process is bliss. Minimal information is needed.
  • You can download the application for free on your smartphone: Android or iPhone.


  • Some people are not satisfied the price.
  • Cannot search for matches who have similar interests. You are required to scroll through the matches given.
  • Minimal information is offered about the match before meeting.
  • It is only open users who are from rich countries.

Tinder Chat rooms

The chat room is where strangers talk and explore anything. Some of them talk about their secrets or problems meeting with a perfect match. Some give advice on getting a match while others exchange contact details.

The tinder chat room allow you to elevate your relationship from strangers to lovers or friends to close friends. The chat rooms are free and you can spend most of your time without being bored. Visit Tinder com’s chatrooms and have fun.

Price of Tinder com

Tinder is free for all tinder singles join. Here are some basic features for standard members can use.

Free Services

  • Private Album
  • Upload up to a maximum of 26 photos
  • Request support by live chat
  • Comment on forums, photos, blogs, and profiles
  • Edit forum and blog messages
  • Search users’ first date ideas
  • Online chat or reply to messages
  • Send free winks

Fee-Based Services

  • Own account manager
  • View 'who likes you’
  • Photo privacy setting/manage profile
  • Become a featured member
  • Highlight listing in browse/search results
  • Show up at the top in searches
  • Advanced search filters
  • Check online lists
  • Check how often users reply to messages
  • Check if a sent message is read on the website
  • Initiate sending messages
  • Live chat support
Detailed price of Tinder Com
  • 1 Month: $70.00/month for a total of $70.00
  • 3 Months: $45.00/month for a total of $135.00
  • 6 Months: $40.00/month for a total of $240.00

The payment options are:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal


Tinder com has revolutionized online tinder dating with the swipe function in its app. The app associated with this site enables users to check matches based on their preferences and location. This is attractive for the new generation of online sugar dating singles. Registration is convenient and easy, although the site lacks an advanced verification process. You just need to fill some details and it does not matter if they are fake. This verification process is something the website can improve to reduce the number of fake profiles.

Sending messages is free and exclusive for users who mutually like each other. However, this is okay since you can only connect with individuals who match your preferences and taste. Furthermore, the application has a lot of other special features that can boost your chances of finding the perfect date.

Overall, this online dating platform is legit and accessible. That’s why it is gaining millions of users on a daily basis. Most importantly, the site seems to be owned by MillionaireMatch.com.