millionairematch - Best Millionaire Dating Site

They have always adopted a client-first approach by making it convenient for their members to use their services and giving them the ultimate matchmaking experience. And the tons of success stories and good reviews that pour in is a confirmation of that.

You can open a free account but this has limited functionality. Upgrading to a paid Gold account makes one enjoy features like seeing verified millionaire profiles, advanced search, initiating chats and emails, being at the top of searches, mobile access, advanced privacy and lots more.

MillionaireMatch has a blog that offers dating tips. On their website, they provide a luxury guide to millionaire singles where they talk about high-end fashion items, cars, watches, clothing, home décor and jewelry.

In an April 18, 2019 press release, now has 4 million active users. This includes certified millionaire singles who have verified their profile images and income.


Though this matchmaking site is as pricey as can be that’s to be expected from a quality millionaire dating service. Their sign-up process is more personalized than those of other dating sites.

  • Potential members who come as millionaire singles must fill out a profile that will be verified. The company really places great emphasis on verified profiles. But this feature can only be enjoyed by paying members. A small badge beneath a profile photo indicates that the member’s photo, millionaire status, age, education, or occupation is confirmed.
  • Key features the sites offer its paid members have verified wealth checks, video introduction, forums, date ideas, live counseling via chat or email, initiate conversations, and message notifications that let you know the recipient read your message.
  • A free account allows you to see publicly shared photos and do simple searches but you can’t go beyond that. A paid account, on the other hand, gives you much more functionality on the site.
  • If a member looks at your profile, winks at you, requests a photo, or sends a message, you will be notified. You can read blog posts, build a private photo album and have the site highlight your profile in search results. All these you get when you pay.
  • has a luxury page where members can post their luxury items and also view those owned by others. One interesting place on the site many members rarely miss is the blog section. There you can freely post your views and talk about any subject.
  • It is a section where you can know more about a fellow member beyond their profile information.

Safety Tips for Millionaires Dating Online

As much as MillionaireMatch strives to ensure the authenticity of every profile and instantly suspends any account that is of low quality and that seems fake. That does not mean scammers, psychopaths, blackmailers, and other cyber crooks cannot slip through and come across as genuine profiles.

You have to take extra steps to protect yourself by carrying out some investigation know if your online crush is who they say they are or someone with a criminal past.

  • 1. Run all the person’s profile photos and other images through an image search engine like Google Images and TinEye. Seeing the same photo with another name and different information could mean it is a stolen profile.
  • 2. To be on the safe side, stick with verified members in your online search for love.
  • 3. Google their name and see what comes up. Check out all their social media profiles and online information. Check if what you found out from your search tallies with what they tell you. If you have their email, run it through This site keeps a list of the email addresses of reported scammers.
  • 4. Don’t be quick to commit to a relationship. Be wary of anyone trying to rush in one. Get to know the person by asking as many questions as possible.
  • 5. Don’t send nude pictures or sexual videos of yourself. This could be used to blackmail you at any time.
  • 6. Don’t send money.
  • 7. Let your meeting be in public places.
  • 8. How Aggressive Is The Millionaire?
  • 9. Be quick to spot an aggressive millionaire single during your online interaction or physical meeting and cut them loose fast. These kinds of people always want to have some sort of unhealthy power and control over you in a relationship. You will be stuck in a terrible relationship you can’t leave.


MillioniareMatch has a free membership which doesn’t have as many perks as its paid premium membership.

All the prices listed are in USD. To know the current pricing check

  • 1 month costs $70.00
  • 3 months cost $45.00 / month, or $135.00 total
  • 6 months cost $35.00 / month, or $210.00 total
  • 12 months cost $33.33 / month, or $399.99.00 total

Comments of MM

MillionaireMatch has a mixed online reputation. While some members have met with relative success in connecting with a match they like and hope to develop a meaningful relationship with.

There also abound negative reviews from dissatisfied and angry members. At the top of their grievances is the so-so customer service which does not correspond to the elite status touted by the company. The company is even known for not responding to reviews.

The complaints pof men on the site is how a high percentage of the women, especially the very attractive ones, only want to date extremely rich men. The women won’t give an average income earners a second glance. They are like sugar girls looking for a sugar daddy relationship which is opposed to the aim of the site – that is, cultivating genuine and meaningful relationships.

A few women mentioned being sexually assaulted by a date which is not the company’s doing. There is also the complaint of men masquerading as the millionaires they are not and prevalence of fake profiles.


To a large extent, MillionaireMatch is a safe online dating platform to connect with your fellow attractive and millionaire singles. But you still need to look out for your own safety.