Tips for Sugar Babies To Find Sugar Daddies and Successfully Ask For An Allowance

find a sugar daddy

Are you looking to get a sugar daddy? You wouldn't be alone. A lot of people wonder how they should go about finding a sugar baby. Today we are going to help you find a sugar daddy but we aren't going to stop there, we are going to help you negotiate your sugar daddy allowance.

Tips for Finding a Sugar Daddy

Have Good Pictures

Most people who are looking for sugar daddies in the modern world use the internet. Whether that means using a dating site, a matchmaker, a community, or a meetup group, the internet has become the modern tool for making matches. When using the internet for a sugar daddy search, it is important to have good pictures.

Pictures are what most sugar daddies are going to see first and judge you by. Try to have pictures of yourself smiling and happy. In addition, have several photos of your full body doing something fun. You want to appear fun and youthful in order to attract a good sugar daddy.

Don't use photos that make you look like a model. Most men will think you are a fake person on the internet with this kind of photo.

Be Yourself

When looking to find a sugar daddy it is important that you be yourself. Sugar daddies are looking for women who are genuine, they don't want someone who will try to match their society or their expectations. That means don't try to be someone else or what you think people expect you to be when looking for a sugar daddy.

Be Responsive

It is important to be responsive when looking for any kind of match online. Taking too long to respond, even after the start of a relationship can be a no go. But at the same time, there is a difference between responsiveness and over responsive. Don't hang on the keyboard or phone between conversations. Just don't make a habit of taking more than a few hours to respond.

Use A Sugar Dating Site

When you are using the internet to find a sugar dating match, consider using a sugar dating site. There are many sugar dating sites on the internet to choose from. Sugar dating sites will help you to get the best match possible. One of the key features is that you will not have to filter through users on a sugar dating site, you will only see sugar daddies.

Sugar dating sites also have security and discretion in mind. You don't have to worry about too many scammers and sugar daddies will have the option to verify they are in fact a sugar daddy. This can be key as it will help prevent fake rich men from joining the site.

Meet In Person

Another option for finding sugar daddies is to meet them in person. The main places that you will want to look are where you would expect to find rich men. Cafes, bars, stores, in rich neighborhoods are all a good start.

You can also go to events at museums, event halls, and the like. Whether the events are benefits, auctions, or conferences, there will be plenty of rich men for you to meet there. Just be aware that not everyone there will be looking for a sugar baby.

Ask Around

Chances are your friend group knows rich men. Including single, rich men. Ask around your friend group to see if they know anyone who is interested in a relationship with a beautiful, young woman. You don't have to outright ask for someone to hook you up with a sugar daddy, just ask if they know any single men who are well off.

Don't limit yourself to just your friends. If you have contacts or have somewhere else to ask around, you can do that too. You never know where you might end up meeting your sugar daddy.

Tips for Negotiating a Sugar Daddy Allowance

Discuss Needs

One of the first things that we recommend to anyone who is looking for a sugar daddy is to be open about what you are looking for. Don't try to hide that you are looking for a sugar daddy and don't try to hide how much you want/need.

Being open is key to any relationship but when it comes to a sugar daddy relationship it is important so a sugar daddy doesn't feel like you are out to scam him.

Discuss Boundaries

Just as it is important to talk about what you do want, it is important to talk about what you don't want. Discuss your boundaries with any potential sugar daddies. Your boundaries can be flexible if you want but make sure that any match knows what lines to not cross. This will help to negotiate your allowance.

Listen To What Your Sugar Daddy Needs

An important negotiating tactic no matter what kind of negotiation you are in, is to listen to what the other person needs. This stands with negotiating your sugar daddy allowance. By listening you can find how you can offer your sugar daddy exactly what he wants. You can also find out exactly what means the most to him and leverage that during the negotiation.

Do Your Research

Doing your research on the rich man can help you to know exactly who they are and what they have to offer. Google will be one of your most helpful tools. What you get from Google will help you to negotiate because you will have knowledge on your side.

The research that you perform won't just help you to negotiate. It will also help you to be safe. You will know if there have been any problems with the match. You should also be able to see what the man looks like so you know no one is pretending to be him when you meet up.

Be Realistic

It is important to not expect to get the world from a sugar daddy. Rich men don't want to give up everything they have. Instead, you want to ask for something realistic. Help paying for school, a car, etc.

Part of being realistic includes listening to the guy about what he has. You don't want to ask for more than he has. This is a stage that will also help you to gauge whether or not the man is a real sugar daddy or not.

Be Confident

You are beautiful, you are strong, you are a sugar baby. When negotiating keep that in mind. Be confident in what you have to offer and your worth. Don't compromise if it crosses your morals. Not only will this make sure that you get your value, but it will make you more attractive.

If you don't come across as confident many men will think they can push you around or force what they want. Embrace your inner confidence.

Sugar daddy relationships are wonderful, we aren't surprised that you are looking for one. Take a look at these tips and you will be well on your way to finding a sugar daddy. Not only that but you will be equipped to negotiate your sugar daddy allowance.