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How to Confirm a Rich Older Man is a Sugar Daddy or Not

There are tons of rich older men in different parts of the world today. But you must understand that many of them are not interested in becoming a sugar daddy to any sugar baby. Therefore, if you know a rich older man or plan to meet one, you should endeavor to confirm whether he is a rich sugar daddy or not.

By confirming, you can avoid being in any entanglement that can waste your time, effort, and other resources. In this article, we will explain how to confirm if a wealthy older man is a sugar daddy or not.

Does he make his intention known?

Due to their wealth, confidence, and career successes, most rich older men don’t believe in beating around the bush when they need or want something. They believe in going straight to the point about any request to void wasting time. As a result of this, the first way to confirm a rich older man is a rich sugar daddy is considering whether he makes his intention known or not.

In most cases, a rich older person will come to meet you and let you know that he likes you. He will let you understand his plans for you. So, it is left to you to decide whether you are interested in having such a relationship with him or not.

So, if you know a rich older guy that is finding it difficult to tell you about his intention, you should see that as a red flag. In fact, it is very likely that such a wealthy older man is not a sugar daddy. Hence, you should not waste your time engaging him.

Is he looking for a partner to share good times with?

Every rich older person has enjoyed incredible successes in their finances and careers. As a consequence, he can afford to spend lots of money on enjoying the best that the world has to offer. It is worthwhile to note that a sugar daddy wants to enjoy these good times with a sugar baby that can take care of his sexual and emotional needs.

Therefore, if a rich older guy does not consider sharing good times with a younger partner, such a person is not a sugar daddy. So, make sure you know whether he has been sharing happy moments such as vacations with younger women.

If he has not been doing so and is not even searching for a partner to share the good times with, he is not a sugar daddy. In such a situation, you must consider staying away from such a rich man.

Does he flirt?

Lots of sugar daddies are flirtatious. This does not mean that he will flirt with all women he comes across, but he will flirt with you if he truly wants you. So, you should consider whether a rich older guy flirts with much younger ladies. If he does not flirt, he is just another rich older guy that does not want to enjoy the sugar daddy lifestyle.

Is he searching for a committed relationship?

The majority of rich sugar daddies have seen it all in relationships as they have dated lots of women in the past decades. Most of them want to enjoy the freedom of being around different women without anyone feeling bad about it. Others are even married but still want to engage in extramarital relationships. Consequently, they are usually not interested in getting into any committed relationship with a much younger lady.

So, when meeting a rich older guy, take the time to find out what he wants in a relationship. If he is looking for a long-term, committed relationship, he is definitely not a rich sugar daddy that can take care of your needs without commitment.

Does he have genuine conversations with you?

Despite their busy schedules, real sugar daddies will create enough time to have a soulful discussion with you. The essence of the conversation is to learn more about you and determine whether you are right for him or not. Your bank account details will not be the first thing to ask for. He wants to connect with you and learn more about your personality. He may also be interested in learning about your sexual experiences before having a date with you. This is to ensure that he knows who his would-be sugar baby is.

During the conversation, a rich sugar daddy will probably inquire about what you intend to gain from the relationship so that he can prepare for it. Also, he may want to know the type of sugar dating arrangement you want to enjoy with him. After a while, he may ask about how you will meet up and share good times.

So, if a rich older man seems not to be interested in learning about any of these things, you can rest assured that he is not a sugar daddy. Perhaps he wants a one-off hookup or simply not interested in having any sexual or emotional relationship with you.

Does he shower you with gifts, money, etc?

The basis of the majority of the relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is the mutuality of the benefits. Therefore, sugar daddies know that you need them for gifts, connections, and financial gains. Hence, they do not shy away from letting you know that they are willing to offer you these things.

Notably, he does not have to say it the first time you meet. However, it will not take too long before he ensures that you know about his willingness to shower you with gifts. Some of the things he can promise to give you include tuitions, rent, trips, treats, a car, car payments, and other things you need. It is worthwhile to note that some sugar daddies may offer you more than tangible things. Some may go out of their way to provide you with intangible benefits like security and networking that can change your life.

Therefore, if a rich older guy has not shown you any intentions of showering with gifts and money after meeting a couple of times, he is not interested in being a sugar daddy. Or perhaps he does not just want you. Whatever the case is, consider other options if you want to get a sugar daddy.

Does he show any signs of playing games?

Most sugar daddies know what they want; hence, when they meet you, they can decide whether you suit their tastes or not. Besides, sugar daddies have lots of other interesting activities going on in their lives. Resultantly, they cannot afford to be messing around without having a particular purpose.

So, a real sugar daddy does not play games with your feelings or emotions. He is straightforward about what he wants from you and also ready to take care of your needs. As a result of all these, they don’t have time for dramas or games.

However, if you have met a rich older male that is neither straightforward nor honest, be wary of him. Also, if you notice that he is trying to play games with you, he is probably not a sugar daddy and will not offer you many benefits. So, you should have a second thought about such a person before wasting your time and other resources on him.

In conclusion, it can be sometimes difficult to tell whether a rich older man is a sugar daddy or not. This is because of the difference in the personalities of each individual. Besides, some sugar daddies tend to hide the fact that they enjoy the sugar daddy lifestyle. However, if you can consider many of the points listed above, it should be easy for you to determine whether a man is a sugar daddy or not.