be a sugar baby

What Does It Feel Like to Be a Sugar Baby?

A sugar baby relationship is one of the arrangement but that doesn't mean that it is one without enjoyment and feeling. To be a sugar baby is to make an arrangement with a sugar daddy from a dating sugar daddy site or somewhere else that you will give companionship of some form in return for gifts. In order to qualify as a sugar daddy, a man has to be wealthy enough to support himself while also providing great benefits to his sugar baby or babies.

The experience of being a sugar baby is one that many people have thought about before but one that many people wouldn't understand unless they have actually been a sugar baby before. Are you curious about what it feels like to be a sugar baby and be on a dating sugar daddy site? Keep reading to find out.

Overwhelming, At First

At first, you may feel quite overwhelmed when first entering the world of sugar baby dating. This is something that a lot of sugar babies deal with as the experience is so new compared to many of the things that they have experienced in the past. Lots of money, rich men, older men, and communicating through dating sugar daddy sites are just a few of the things that can start to put an overwhelming feeling on you.

This feeling will go away once you get into the groove of things. Feeling anxious whenever you try something new is normal. Sugar daddy dating is not something that you grew up doing, so be safety conscious when you go in but aim to enjoy yourself. There aren't many jobs like sugar dating where you get to enjoy yourself while still getting compensated.

Feel Wanted/Desired

Feeling wanted is something that we all want. When someone is willing to pay you for that companionship, it helps to give you an extra feeling of being wanted. A feeling that you can't get from a traditional relationship.


While you don't automatically become wealthy when you are dating a sugar daddy, many sugar babies enjoy the feeling of being wealthy. Gifts for sugar babies vary greatly but no matter what they are, the feeling of constantly getting presents makes you feel wealthy. Imagine being showered with gifts ranging anywhere from cash to the rare car or house.

Some people consider these gifts a giveaway but they are earned pay. You are working to bring companionship and joy into someone's life. Knowing that you earned these gifts makes them all the more enjoyable.

A Feeling of Adventure

A lot of sugar babies experience a feeling of adventure. The wide variety of sugar daddies out there are quite interesting and all offer unique experiences. Each experience is an adventure of its own. Not just an adventure but an adventure you don't have to pay for.

Depending on a lot of factors such as your sugar daddy's wealth, personality, your services, etc. you may even get the chance to go on real adventures. Some sugar daddies pay for their sugar babies to go on trips with them to various places around the world. From traveling to a city within the same country to going on a luxury adventure, there are so many opportunities out there for you.

Reduced Anxiety/Stress

It is surprising how much stress and anxiety finances can put on us. Any help we can get can make a big difference in our stress levels. The gifts that a sugar daddy gives can make a big difference, especially, when those gifts are cash or things that you can use every day.

A fair amount of sugar babies get help from sugar daddies with college tuition for example. With how many years of debt college tuition can impose on you, this alone can make any sugar baby want to turn to date on a sugar daddy site. The lack of tuition or other debts will set you up for success later in life.

Experienced and Smart

Dating a sugar daddy can teach you a lot. One of the first things it will give you is plenty of life experience. You will meet a wide variety of people, enjoy a variety of activities, and hear plenty of stories. Keeping an open mind and open ear will allow you to take a lot in from your experiences.

In addition to all of that, most sugar daddies love passing on the knowledge and information they have learned over the years. Take this opportunity to help yourself feel more experienced and smart as you learn from what they have to pass on. Not only are you learning but you have the joy of knowing that you are helping them feel smart.

Some Stigmatization

Not all aspects of being a sugar baby are perfect. One area that you will have a few problems with is the remaining social stigmatization that can be found amongst more traditional people. If you have any friends or family that are very religious or have a very traditional ideology, they may not see eye to eye with you on your job of helping to provide companionship.

Don't allow people to get you down. You can attempt to explain your desire to be a sugar baby to them if you want but don't allow negative people to stay in your life and drag you down. There is nothing wrong with having arrangements, companionship is something that we all need but sometimes those who are divorced, older, or wealthy who would rather pay are just following their desires.

Not All Sugar Daddies Are The Same

Something that you need to be aware of before starting dating sugar daddy sites is that not all sugar daddies are the same. There are a wide variety of sugar daddies out there, we are all different and have different personalities. You may find sugar daddies that you just don't get along with and it is okay to not make an arrangement with them.

Also, something to be aware of is that not all sugar daddies are nice. Some sugar daddies are not nice people or are looking purely for prostitutes. Do not feel pressured to be with anyone who contacts you when dating on a sugar daddy site. Make sure to also report them to the dating site.

It is important to note that despite these two negative aspects of what it feels like to be a sugar baby, the majority of sugar babies have wonderful experiences and enjoy their time providing companionship. Most sugar babies do not leave the job for negative reasons, they either age out of being a sugar baby or want to move onto something else in life, just like with any other job.

Sugar dating is a wonderful life and you will enjoy knowing what if feels like to be a sugar baby. The best way to start is by dating a sugar daddy site. These provide you with easy access to sugar daddies, verification of sugar daddies, and a lot of safety-related features. What are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy yourself while getting quality gifts!